Having skittered clear
across the wet intersection,
one regretful person
(clutched in terror)
was the reason for
standstill traffic

Finally, it was my
turn to rubberneck,
when this ominous,
arresting image
caught me instead:

a procession of
autos, snaked miles
into the distance–

a thousand   p  u  f   f   s  s
of exhaust breath
hanging still
in the night

First summer in a seaport city

Posing as a coastal surprise
Blooms in abundance in summertime
Sweet pink roses climb on green branches
Tender pale buds that yearn for vases

And the unsuspecting other-surprise
Left by a canine, who just had to go
Where I would plant my sandal
When reaching for a few blooms of my own


Wild Roses in Kirkland, Seattle



An accidental poem by Andy.

the loneliness
of young adulthood
when you’re

in between families

the one that
birthed you and the
one you’ll
start for yourself

Shiny forest, solo hike, outside of Seattle

Shiny forest, solo hike, outside of Seattle